Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pictures of MMO Enjoyment

The Daedalus Project has asked readers to submit screenshots of:

  • Player Gatherings: protests, demonstrations, vigils, etc.

  • Guild / Avatar Portraits: images of your guild (posed or not), or well-composed screenshots of your avatar

  • Raid / PvP Combat: well-composed screenshots that show the chaos and intensity of raids or PvP combat.

  • Strange Bugs: like the recent WoW Plague

  • Others: any other screenshots that you think are interesting but don't fall into a category above.
  • One of the screenshots I submitted is shown here - it's a bug we found in our days at SWG. You would think a room that opened up into infinity would give you unlimited storage but unfortunately it did not.

    Here are some of the results they have chosen to share so far:
    Slideshow #2
    Update: Slideshow #3 including my submission.

    The submission page is at the end of both slideshows. Since your WoW screenshots are saved as ".tga" you will have to convert them to .jpg first. The details of the best kind of pics are on the submission page.

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