Friday, March 31, 2006

"Taurens, you've been warned."

April Fool's Post From Blizzard - A preview of Patch 1.11
(thanks broadbandforums!)

Here are five of my favorites:

  • Night Elves will now lose a small percentage of experience after jumping.

  • Pets have a small chance to attack the Hunter when hungry.

  • Fixed bug which allowed Rogues to wield two weapons at the same time.

  • New level 35 quest series added which teaches players to detect stealth. We feel that by this time, players have lived in fear of Rogues long enough.

  • Due to the awkward look and feel of Taurens in the Undercity, guards will no longer permit their entry and have been flagged to kill on sight. Taurens, you've been warned.
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