Friday, March 24, 2006

What is with these Kool-Aid parties?


First: Elwynn Forest. I had started a human character and I'm running around the newbie zone and I find this:

I think hmmm. Coincidence all these people died in this spot fighting non-aggro Kobolds?!? Can't be. It reminded me of the
Jonestown story where everyone drank the poison-laced-Kool-Aid (apparently it was "Flavor-Aid" - but if I was the Flavor Aid people I'd let the world think it was Kool-Aid too) in a mass suicide.

Snap picture. Move on.

A couple weeks later I decide to check in on a different newbie character (different server). She's jogging on over to Fargodeep mine and whoa.... what is this....?!?

Soooo many things to say about that.

  • Another Kool-Aid party? (Note the barrels nearby.)
  • Remy Two-Times doing his thing Four-Times?
  • Alien Crop Circle of Humans?
  • Synchronized Swimming Practice gone horribly wrong?

  • Quick Note - they were not just lying there. These are all most definitely corpses and thanks to my CorpseInfo mod I knew they were all dead and offline. Seriously, even if this was some adult-themed RP action (on a PVE server) exactly how did you all end up dead?

    So, I am stumped.

    Snap pic. Shake Head in Bewilderment. Move on.

    Then I'm on a totally different server (again, these are all PVE servers, none are RP). This time on a horde character, in Durotar in the middle of nowhere and sure enough... this!:


    A - the Horde don't play - they don't need your stinking Kool-Aid barrels.

    B - et tu Horde?


    Update - Here's another Kool-aid party found by another WoW player: here.

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