Wednesday, April 05, 2006

2 Free Weeks So Far

Have you been to your account page recently?

I checked mine out while doing the research for the post on how much to pay a month. I took a look at my payment history and realized that so far, Blizzard has given me 14 free days.

Here's what my "Full Payment History" looked like (you can see I'm on the subscription for 3 months at a time):

Glass Half Empty says "Man! How many glitches have they had?"

Glass Half Full says "Hey that's cool they gave me some consideration for the headaches; Sony never did that for us in SWG."

Then there's that little voice in the back of my head that says "OMG you've wasted a year and a half of your life!"

/squelch voice.

Anyway, if you're brave enough to face your little voice here's how you can see the same for yourself: From the World of Warcraft Home Page click on the "Account Management" button in the upper right hand corner. It looks like this:

Maybe while you're there you can decide if your current payment plan is still the best choice for you; it looked like it would be very simple to change.

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