Saturday, April 22, 2006

Why do we care about E3?

E3, the "Electronic Entertainment Expo," takes place this year from May 10th-12th in Los Angeles. (Convention fact sheet and wikipedia info)

This Entertainment convention is unfortunately off limits to those of us who are not in the industry. But so many of us would love to go to see all the cool products and announcements that are generally released for the first time at this convention. (Some prior announcements.)

In fact, it would be a prime time for Blizzard to announce the Alliance race. Right?

In a quick Google check, a lot of the predictions I've seen about E3 so far have been console focused. (And literally console focused because the buzz is all about the platforms rather than the games.) As a PC Gamer I'd like to know more about what's happening with PC games.

Some predictions: Joystiq, ztgamedomain,

For reference, here are last year's (2005) Announcements/Demos:

As it happens I will be in Anaheim for a convention May 8th through 10th. So close, yet so far.

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