Monday, April 17, 2006

Do you understand the feed that is coming out of my mouth?

(Sorry, I can't resist a chance at snowcloning a movie quote.)

Speaking of getting your information off the internet...

You're either reading this post by (a) coming to this blog directly or (b) reading it through a feedreader.

I highly recommend (b) Reading through a feedreader. That way you can subscribe to the feed for this blog (and many other great feeds) and have them delivered to you at your feedreader rather than having to visit all of your favorite sites every day. Bring the feed mountain to you!

So go out there and create an account with a feed reader. This post from the bloggertips blog has a chart of them at the bottom. (If you can't decide, I recommend bloglines for ease of use (and it's free). Plus if you decide to upgrade later it can export your feed list.)


Check out those blogs on the side of the page to access their feeds. One of my favorite feeds is the one from

p.s. I don't know how other bloggers feel about this but if you have a choice between different feeds for the same site, I recommend the "Feedburner" version. The blog writer can customize it ("Add to") and keep it up to date even if they move the hosting location of their blog.

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