Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Noblegarden is here... or is it?

This is what happens when you raise the bar. Blizzard holidays are usually kinda fun. And in fact, I rather look forward to them. (According to this poll other players kinda like them too.)

But now... Blizzard's Noblegarden just feels like they're phoning it in. ( also felt "dissappointed," even though they were pleased their "trousers dropped.") It's cute fun, don't get me wrong. It's just not at the caliber we usually see.

At it's core, Noblegarden seems to be a take off of Easter.

... On this joyous day, it is customary for the nobles and lords from each race to hide coins, candy, and the occasional treasures within special eggs painted to look like wildflowers. These eggs are then scattered around the major cities for the citizenry to find. ...

And it's a great idea. We get to be kids again and find Easter Eggs. The only problem is... they look like this:

Can you see it? This one was at the exit of the undead newbie zone.

I dont' know what I thought; maybe that they'd sparkle or something.

And this is pretty much what you get:

Actually, according to you pretty much get an equal chance at a Candy Bar, a Lollipop or a Chocolate Square. (or if you listen to you get "a lollipop"). But there also seems to be a 1% chance you might get a part of a Tuxedo or a nice dress. The theming is nice - Dressing up on Easter = the fancy clothes loot.

But hey, what if we took it further? If you show up at the Cathedral of light there could be NPCs milling around (and a priest telling you how you should show up more often). Some of them might serve Matza Ball soup with stat enhancers. Or even cooler, we get a trinket that allows for a free self resurrection (3 day cooldown). Ok, for fear of taking this too far I'll stop. Maybe I know why Blizzard kept this scaled back.

Two good things:

  • Noblegarden lasts until May 20th, so it's a nice long event.
  • It's accessible to newbie players (generally the eggs are in the zones for levels 1-10).

Ok, one last idea. Let some of the eggs that aren't found turn into rotten eggs that we turn in to Wirt who will show up again with them on Mischief night.

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