Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Dance - Benecast is back!

There are a couple reasons that I'm doing the Happy Dance:

  • This is my 100th Post.

  • Benecast is Back baby!

Ok that's it; just those two reasons.

My brother came over and told me that newer versions of Benecast work with Patch 1.10 (I downloaded it here from ui.worldofwar.net).

So technically it never left; I just needed to update my mods. (Should follow my own advice, eh?)

Seriously, if you're a caster in any way shape or form, you should try out the Benecast mod. Buttons line up under your own portrait as well as near the portrait of your target. If you want to (Ninja) Buff someone it will select the highest available version you have that will work with the level of that player. (No more - "Too High for that Level.")

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