Thursday, April 13, 2006

Crossing the Streams #1 - Gamer TV

Crossing the Streams - Part 1 of 4: Television (good ol' television).

You can get information about World of Warcraft through television, however, the information has generally shown to be the most stale of the media available.

Determine if you get G4 TV from your cable or satellite service. It's a gamers network. Yup, a whole network all about Gaming.

With shows such as X-Play (reviews), Cinematech (game cut scenes or game play videos) or Cheat! (self explanatory) occasionally you'll see World of Warcraft or your other favorite games featured.

According to my DirecTV schedule on April 14th (10:30 am ET) they'll run the Cheat! Episode they first aired in 2005. I reaaaallly wish they would update this. For such a popular game you would think that there would be more programming or at least up to date programming.

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