Friday, April 14, 2006

Crossing the Streams #2 - Magazines

Crossing the Streams - Part 2 of 4: Print

Next up is Print. It's much more current than television. The World of Warcraft content I've seen is not necessarily tip based, but more peripheral - what's coming (great articles on the Burning Crusade), who's playing, etc... There are two PC Game magazines that I often read that regularly feature World of Warcraft. They are:

Computer Gaming WorldPC Gamer

Computer Gaming World (CGW) partners with and you can find one of what I consider their "flagship" articles online here: Wage Slaves about Gold Farming in MMOs (with a lot of discussion on WoW). (A truly meaty article including interviews with farmers.)

PC Gamer ( is interesting because they've decided not to accept any ads from gold farmers. I don't know CGW's stance on that. Also, there's a Burning Crusade article they published in February that I keep hanging around to remind me of what's coming.

The other benefits of reading these magazines include articles about video cards, gaming PCs, etc... Plus I can take a look at all those games I'm telling myself that I am or am not missing (depending on the day) while I'm playing WoW.

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