Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bernard the Mixer

If you don't know about Bernard the Mixer (then you definitely didn't think this was funny), you haven't been to Thottbot searching for any potions lately. (I can understand why, given what I'm about to share.) Because invariably as you search for a potion there will be a weird reference to an NPC in westfall who sells it... Bernard the Mixer.

And you check for a map location...

... only to fly out to Westfall and find no Bernard. No Mixer. And alas... no potions.

The best answer I found was from a Thottbot user named Galechan who posted this a while back:
I contacted a GM about Bernard the Mixer. He does not exist. This was an NPC early on in the game, but it became so popular, people were complaining that there was never anything there, so they took him out.

Thottbot on Bernard the Mixer: here or here (thottbot's been weird this weekend so it might not load).

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