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Priest Tables

Priests in World of Warcraft are a little different than other classes. Each priest has access to two special abilities that are unique only to their race. These are separate and apart from the racial traits available to all players.

During patch 1.10 these were updated. Here's warcy's summary.

The question I have right now is... what will the Burning Crusade (Draenei & Blood Elf) Priest racial abilities be?

RacePriest Ability

Desperate Prayer - Instant heal. 10 Minute Cooldown.
Feedback - A spell backfires onto enemy caster.

Racial Abilities: Stealth Detection, Spirit +5, Faction Point Gains, Sword/Mace Specialization


Desperate Prayer - Instant heal. 10 Minute Cooldown.
Fear Ward - Prevent 1x fear. 30 second Cooldown.

Racial Abilities: Stoneform, Guns +5, Frost Resistance +10, Treasure Finding

Night Elf

Starshards - Channeled damage spell.
Elune's Grace - Reduces ranged damage taken by 21 and increases chance to dodge by 10% for 15 sec.

Racial Abilities: Shadowmeld, Dodge +1%, Wisp (speed increase) when Dead, Nature Resistance +10%


Priest Abilities: TBD - Update: Fear Ward and Symbol of Hope.

Racial Abilities: Blessing of the Naaru (HoT), Chance to hit +1% (to party), Jewelcrafting +15, Shadow Resist +10.


Touch of Weakness - Melee attacker's damage is reduced.
Devouring Plague - Disease (DOT) that heals caster.

Racial Abilities: Fear Immunity (w/ cooldown), Cannibalize, Underwater Breathing +300%, Shadow Resist +10.


Hex of Weakness - Reduces targets damage & healing.
Shadowguard - Melee attacker takes shadow damage.

Racial Abilities: Berserking, Regeneration (passive), Beasts +5% Damage, Throwing Weapons +5, Bows +5

Blood Elves

Priest Abilities: TBD - Update - Touch of Weakness and Consume Magic

Racial Abilities: Mana Tap, Silence, Enchanting +15, Magic Resist +5

  • Wowwiki's Table of Priest Racial Spells
  • Blizzard's Priest page
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  • Update 10/6/06:
    We've got a tease now of what we might get in the Burning Crusade:
    Fairly soon (yeah, yeah -- you hate that term -- but seriously, not much longer now). I will say this though, just so you walk away with one new piece of knowledge -- each will get one brand new ability, and one that already exists in-game now among the existing available races for the priest class.
    Source: Eyonix Post via wowinsider.

    Update 8/7/07:
    Drysc in the Forums says:
    I think the general consensus among the designers is that ultimately priest racials were ... a poor choice to make, especially with the decisions of what each race would have. It's come down to it that they should be addressed somehow.

    I'm not sure how many remember, but priest racials were created because there was player concern over how an Undead could appropriately wield the healing powers of the light, and the racials were added to give flavor which could back up some of those player concerns. Aside from some probably poor decisions on what that flavor should be, ultimately it was a concern that players would ultimately have benefited from if we had simply ignored it.

    It could be addressed any number of ways (everyone is given everything, or it's cut down to a small pool of abilities which everyone has access to, or only specific abilities are passed to different races, etc.), and I don't believe a final decision has been made at this time.
    Quote found via wow.warcry.com.

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