Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm Expecting! (So are you)

Baby Draenei and Baby Blood Elf
I know that once the Burning Crusade comes out, I'll be playing it. Chances are that you will too.

What preparations are you making in anticipation of your new baby Draenei or Blood Elf?

Individual play styles will change how we all prepare for new character(s), of course. But I thought I'd offer some suggestions based on my style and readings:

Character Slot

  • Make room on your preferred server by deleting unused alts
  • Select name(s)
  • If desired reserve a preferred name for your future character by creating a placeholder Alt with that name (which you will have to delete later of course)

  • Tools & Equipment
  • Buy Bags (preferrably Traveler's Backpack, Mooncloth Bags and/or Profession Bags)
  • Save Money for training, bank slots, flying, mounts, flying mounts, ...
  • Save up materials & recipes for Profession Leveling; perhaps ore or gems for your budding Draenei Jewelcrafter (+15 to Jewelcrafting) to raise his or her level in mining and jewelcrafting? or enchanting materials (or disenchanting fodder) for your new Blood Elf (+15 to Enchanting)
  • Buy your preferred Armor or Weaponry (for me... I bought some blue wands of course).
  • Save up those transferable Quest or Faction items like Blue Pearls or Un'Goro Soil. (Focusing on quests for levels 20+ after you leave the new Burning Crusade areas.)

  • Other
  • Decide on your Burning Crusade Spells & Talents
  • Look over the mods that might be appropriate for your first Shaman or Paladin
  • Check out your World of Warcraft Account to make sure you're in the subscription plan that makes sense for you.
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