Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You May Already be a Winner!

So you may have seen the Dell Computer contest. It's unique because you don't really have to submit your name anywhere to win. You just have to complete 25 quests. And apparently it's any 25 quests (not like there's a Dell NPC somewhere waiting to give you a quest to kill 10 viruses).

A number of posters in the forums are concerned about their information's going to Dell. I'm not too concerned about that; I've seen these kinds of things before (famous last words, I know).

The take I have on it is Woohoo! I can do 25 quests in a weekend (sometimes a day). Of course doing it on a single character for an Alt-Aholic like me might be tough. But since I just started 2 new priests it should be easy.

Part of me does wonder if it was designed to incent a behavior on the part of players. Maybe to start new characters (where it's easy to complete quests). To get players to level stagnant characters? To reenergize people by reminding them of the fulfillment of finishing quests?

In the end I'm okay whatever the reason. It'll be fun to think I might win. I'm just glad it's something that I don't have to raid a dungeon for. It's something a solo-gamer can participate in.

For reference - here's the section of the rules on how to enter:

5. How to Enter. To qualify for the Contest, eligible entrants may: (i) complete twenty five (25) "in game" quests while playing World of Warcraft during the Contest Period; or in the alternative (ii) send a postcard including your name, address and age to the following address:

World of Warcraft "Quest for the Ultimate PC" Contest – Mail in entry
c/o Blizzard Entertainment
P.O. Box 18979
Irvine, CA 92623

And somewhere up in section one it says that there is a limit of one entry per household.

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    Doeg said...

    An interesting contest requirement, as you've pointed out.
    Not only is it do-able by the average casual player, it would seem to be "biased" against the raid-er and the battleground PvP-er.
    I would guess, though, that the vast majority of WoW-ers are not into the raiding scene (in fact, very many probably don't even have a 60). And I would also guess that there are not many battleground-only people in the WoW universe.
    Personally, in spite of the "grinding" guides out there, I've found that questing is still working for me at level 44.