Saturday, September 30, 2006

Preliminary Harvest Festival Data

Sometime last night Blizzard released information about a "new" event. Here's the Official Harvest Festival page. It says the event will run from October 3 through 9.

I've been doing some research and was surprised to see how much information was available for something that hasn't happened yet. This comment on thottbot seemed to explain a lot. was Primarily intended for the Korean players, but that it was made active Globally.

So given some of the changing information available, I'd like to be clear that all of this is preliminary data only.

Foods Available At the Harvest
These seem to be available for lower level characters - they would be right outside of Orgrimmar and Iron Forge:
Harvest Boar
Harvest Nectar
Harvest Fruit
Harvest Fish

Higher Level Quests
For higher level characters there are quests to honor specific heroes:
Uther Lightbringer Western Plaguelands
For the Light!*
Grom Hellscream Demon Fall Canyon,
Horde's Hellscream*

* The books appear to have no use other than as a tribute.

The Quests

  • Pick up the quest outside of IF or Orgrimmar. Travel to the monument/tomb.
  • Around the monument and tomb are level 29-30 ish mobs.
  • Place the tribute (received from the quest giver) at the tomb.

Expect 6,600 xp for the quests and 200 faction honor. A few days later in the mail you will also receive Bread and/or Water with 2%/25 seconds health/mana restoration. (But they are conjured so may disappear.)

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