Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bind on Pickup Recipes

A while back (this was pre-blog) I was playing with my tailor (a rogue who was a tailor and a leatherworker) and made a Robe of Power. Well the joke was on me. It's a "Bind on Pickup" (BoP) Recipe. Which means that only the maker can wear it. Well, I know that nooooow. It turned into a very expensive skill point.

So I spent some time on thottbot and culled out all the Bind on Pickup Recipes I could find:

Robe of Power - Tailoring 190 (Requires Level 33)
Robe of the Void - Tailoring: 300 - Class: Warlock (Level 57)
Truefaith Vestments - Tailoring: 300 - Class Priest (Level 57)
Robe of the Archmage - Tailoring: 300 - Class: Mage (Level 57)

Dark Iron Plate - Blacksmithing: 285 - Plate (Level 54)

Smoking Heart of the Mountain - Enchanting: 265 - Trinket (Level 50)

Updated 2/11/2008: Plus Lootables has information on BoP Recipes or Items for:

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