Saturday, September 23, 2006

Blog Name Change

Okay, a brief bit of history.

I started playing World of Warcraft with the friends I had gained in Star Wars Galaxies (SWG). We all came to WoW together. But we later went different ways due to different play styles.

So I thought I could change the purpose of the blog (originally intended to be CasualWoW) to be a vehicle for us all to keep playing differently but still post about our experiences and laugh about them together. (We had done this via email previously.) So I renamed it.

All Your Blog Are Belong To Us
I named it All Your Blog because it reminded me of the fun times we had in SWG, where I first saw the term. We had five Imperial Bases that we defended in our guild. (Yes, I actually engaged in PVP back in the day.) When we started adding player housing someone named their house "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US." I thought it was hysterical. (I also thought it had to do with our bases. It didn't.) One of my kind friends explained it to me. (Read about the origin on Wikipedia.)

The name seemed appropriate because:

  • I love a good snowclone
  • It reminded me of the good times I was trying to preserve (recreate?) from SWG
  • It was intended to literally be a Blog about Us

  • But alas, the idea was a bust. No interest. Yet I still clung to the name. I think, though, that after 9 months it's time to give up. I'm going back to "Casual WoW." It is more to the spirit of what the blog is about. You should be seeing the name change slowly pop up on the site, on the feed, etc...

    New Name: Casual WoW

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