Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blog Back Office

What's Coming:
At some point over the next few weeks I will be tweaking the blog's back office. In the end it shouldn't be much different. However, in case I break the feed or such I wanted to give readers a head's up. If you suddenly stop seeing posts, don't worry, I haven't gone AWOL.

Here's what I'm planning (more a list for my benefit):

  • Merge all feeds (e.g. Atom) into the feedburner feed (In this attempt I am most likely to break the feed)
  • The above should also provide some stability to the pictures that I noticed aren't showing up in bloglines
  • Add a site meter
  • Contemplate a Blog Name Change
  • Turn some of the NPC Commercial Breaks into Parody Ads in the sidebars
  • Contemplate an email service (by subscription)
  • Add an icon or image to the Feedburner Feed
  • Review the Feed Flare on the Feedburner Feed

What I've Already Done:
Have you noticed these updates already on the Blog Homepage?

  • A link to The WorldofWarcraft Blog Store which is a collection of World of Warcraft Products available at Amazon (also pops up items from your wishlist if you have one)
  • Constantly updating News on the World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade from
In the meantime anyone who doesn't use the Feedburner Feed may wish to subscribe to it now: Subscribe. Want to know more about feeds? Check out this post.

Thanks for being patient with me if things go haywire.

p.s. If I see problems I'll reset everything by the beginning of October.


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