Friday, October 20, 2006

Aggro the White Tigers

This picture I did not alter at all (except to crop it). Strangely it is a tribute to Siegfried and Roy.

What is that there beside the heads? Is... is that supposed to be a mithril deposit? Were Siegfried and Roy miners (in addition to being hunters)? Perhaps one would hold aggro while the other did the mining. Hm. I had no idea their conservation efforts included minerals.

S & R were a big deal at the Mirage for many years until the whole "tiger bites Roy" incident. Now if you go to the Mirage, there's no show but there's still a Dolphin and white tiger habitat (20 second video).

By the way, I was sure to use a silver dragon border around the icon above which signifies a "rare spawn" for the white tiger rather than a gold dragon border which signifies "elite." (I only just learned that recently, I have to admit.)


Doeg said...

I can't decide if S & R look more like humans or night elves.

And what actually happened to Roy was that he right-clicked on the white tiger instead of left-clicking. Then when he got into range he attacked, which aggroed the tiger.
Or something like that...
too much WoW...

Delaney said...

lol. There's the answer right there: Roy mashed the wrong button!