Sunday, October 15, 2006

Allowing Anonymous Comments

Oh and one more thing. I've enjoyed reading the few comments I've gotten so far so I thought I'd try allowing anonymous comments. There will still be the human test and comment moderation but now you don't have to have a blogger account. Hopefully the first two measures will still be enough to block the comment spam.

Although if you did create your own account you could add a picture to your comments or create your own blog. (Read this first about cancelling your account.) I know, I know, this all would be much more appealing if I didn't just complain about the picture loading problem.

Want to know what leaving a comment is like?
Here's the preview: How do I leave comments on a blog?
And you can include some simple HTML as outlined here.

1 comment:

Doeg said...

I'll try the new comment procedure!

Good to have you back to blogging. Sorry you've having blog troubles. Seems like there's been something wrong for a while because when the page loads it seemed to start to load, then jump to a reload of the page; after that it seemed ok though. On my end even today I can access everything I've tried without problems.

But I have no blogging experience; you'll have to find a level 60 blogger to help with this blog-quest...