Thursday, October 19, 2006


For a city in the middle of a desert, there were fountains EVERYWHERE in Las Vegas. My friend told me one night to "meet me by the fountain" but inside Caesar's alone there were about 8 fountains. This one was outside of Caesar's:

But strangely, it just didn't look right. Not until I made it feel more like home:

(For my Horde friends, roll an Alliance alt and put them in Stormwind for about 5 seconds, any time, any day. You'll quickly see what I mean.)


Doeg said...

I have a human priest on Kirin Tor, and even though he's low-level (still under 10) I have experienced the Goldshire / Stormwind scene. And it's an RP server, too.

I was actually uncomfortable with all the people around. To me, there is a different feel to Stormwind / Goldshire than anything in the Horde; the closest thing is in Orgrimmar in the area from the front of the gate to the bank.

I don't know; maybe all the humans about makes it a little too close to RL. When you're horde, and your character is a big bipedal cow (Tauren) among undead and brutish orcs and trolls, that may reinforce that it's fantasy and put me more at ease.

Delaney said...

Ya and I even think Orgrimmar gets crowded worse than the Alliance sometimes. The extra Auction Houses seemed to spread the Alliance between both SW & IF but the Horde still seems to be clustered all in Orgrimmar.