Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hallow's End - Decorations

Hallow's End doesn't pull any punches when it comes to decorations. The pumpkins, candles, hats, skeletons, skull lights, ghosts, witches hats, etc.). appear everywhere. I collected some pictures from around Azeroth:

Undercity:(Which gets my vote for best Hallow's End decorations)


Stormwind Fountain:

Ghost in Thunderbluff:

Table in Goldshire: (I don't remember the paper Skeleton and the Witches Hat from last year.)

Pumpkra in Undercity: Now that's a big pumpkin. Seriously you have to see this thing.

Skull Closeup: (I saw these orange lights hanging around and wanted a closeup to see what it was - turns out they're skulls.)


Doeg said...

The decorations are awesome.

And it's kind of funny that halloween treats are the best food in the game.

Delaney said...

mmm... Health AND Mana ...