Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Guild History

To me, afkgamer is like Guild TV. It's a funny (and colorful) blog where the author often describes the Guild Drama he sees in his WoW guild.

One thing I learned from reading Foton (the author) is that a guild leader should consider keeping track of player guild applications to other guilds.

One thing I learned from my brother last weekend, is that anyone can look up what guilds players used to be in.

Check out this link:

You can learn:

  • What Guilds a Player used to be in
  • If a player name is already taken on your server
  • If a guild name is already taken on your server
  • How fascinated players are with Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter?

    Yup. Run a few searches on SiriusBlack, Order of the Phoenix, Hogwarts, etc... and see what you think.

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    Anonymous said...

    nice post, finally i know why my old guild name is still locked out