Sunday, September 17, 2006


I don't think I mentioned how I discovered Wands recently. mmmm... wands...

Originally I tried them out and they seemed weak. Really weak, like I was a bug mildly annoying my enemy. I think I actually saw some mobs try to shoo me. Then something made me try them again. I'm glad I did. Now, I can't seem to live without them.

Blizzard doesn't have a page on Wands but there is a reference here:

Item Basics
  • Wand use can be interrupted when the user takes damage. Wands can be used by all classes that possess the Wand Proficiency; fire, frost and shadow skills are not necessary. Wand damage is reduced by resistance in the appropriate school. Wand use is not prevented when silenced. It is prevented in all the same situations melee is prevented.
  • Wands - The Shoot Wand ability is a toggle. While active, it will continue attacking with the equipped wand until cancelled (e.g. moving).

  • Here's what I know about Wands:
  • They are only usable by Priests, Mages and Warlocks
  • They do not require training from a Weapon Master
  • They are a Ranged Attack (place them in your Ranged slot)
  • They Require NO Mana
  • They are Interupted by stuns (you then have to recast)
  • Although disarmed, you can keep casting your wand
  • They Auto-Cast
  • They are on a shared cooldown with other spells
  • The combination of the Auto-cast and the Shared Cooldown make it tough to cast other spells (like DoTs, Heals, etc.) You have to break the wand casting to do it.
  • There is a "Wand Specialization" talent available for Priests and Mages which can give an extra 25% to Wand Damage. For Priests, it takes 5 talent points and for Mages it takes 2.

  • and

  • Blue Wands kick butt! If I can afford one, it makes fighting MUCH easier. Actually enjoyable. (My Precious....)

  • How do you use a wand?
    Equip it by placing it into your "Ranged" slot on your Character's paper doll. Then Open your Spellbook to the general tab and drag "Shoot" to your controls. I replaced my "attack" button with my "shoot" button. If I want to Melee attack, I just right-mouse click to switch from Wand to Melee.

    So here's where the rubber hits the road. As someone who doesn't Raid or do the dungeon thing I wanted to know which wands to be on the lookout for. So I spent a lot of time on Thottbot researching the best DPS (regardless of damage school - fire, arcane, etc.) for each level that I thought I could get my hands on. The best turned out to be the Enchanted Wands and Rare (Blue) Drops (except for the Uncommon Glowstar Rod at level 52). In many cases, as I level, I anticipate not finding the Blue Wand I want on the Auction House, or being able to afford it. So I posted some Uncommon (Green) wands as alternatives. (The damage is in grey text in the table for those wands.)

    World of Warcraft Soloer's Wand List*
    (Pre-Burning Crusade)
    5Lesser Magic Wand11.3 ArcaneUncommon BOE: Made by Enchanters.
    12Blazing Wand12.7 FireUncommon BOE
    13Greater Magic Wand17.5 ArcaneUncommon BOE: Made by Enchanters.
    16Skycaller21.6 ArcaneRare BOE: Has a Glitter Trail
    22Thunderwood27.1 NatureRare BOE
    26Lesser Mystic Wand25.4 ArcaneUncommon BOE: Made by Enchanters.
    29Starfaller32.9 ArcaneRare BOE: Has a Glitter Trail
    30Greater Mystic Wand29.0 ArcaneUncommon BOE: Made by Enchanters.
    33Earthen Rod35.6 NatureRare BOE: From Uldaman
    34Freezing Shard35.8 FrostRare BOE: From Razorfen Downs
    36Ember Wand33.7 FireUncommon BOE: Various Versions
    37Jaina's Firestarter39.4 FireRare BOE: +6 Int, +3 Spirit
    40Umbral Wand35.7 ShadowUncommon BOE: Various Versions
    44Flaming Incinerator47.2 FireRare BOE: +8 Fire Resist. From Zul'Farrak
    45Wand of Allistarj48.4 ArcaneRare BOE: +9 Arcane Resist
    46Ivory Wand42.1 ArcaneUncommon BOE: Various Versions
    48Wizard's Hand 44.4 ArcaneUncommon BOE: Various Versions
    52Glowstar Rod50.0 ArcaneUncommon BOE: Various Versions
    53Torch of Austen56.8 FireRare BOE: +10 Fire Resist
    54Wand of Arcane Potency58.4 ArcaneRare BOE: From Dire Maul. Glitter Trail.
    55Dragon Finger53.2 FireUncommon BOE: Various Versions
    59Lunar Wand56.8 ArcaneUncommon BOE: Various Versions
    60Antenna of Invigoration71.6 NatureRare BOE: +4 Intellect.
    +5 mana per 5 seconds.
    +13 Healing Spells.

    * Note this chart excludes wands that are: Quest Rewards; Specific only to Mages (example); and Wands that are Bind on Pickup. It also excludes many wands at the lower levels that deliver less damage than their Enchanted peers do.

    Links & More Info:
    wowwiki on Wands
    Something strange about wands
    Warcraft Rookie: Get a Wand ASAP


    Anonymous said...

    Thanks - great guide to help choosing my next wand. I also can't live without them.

    My last wand is one you missed on your was my regular wand from lvl twenty-something...

    Gravestone Scepter (Rare, BOE), 29.0 Shadow DPS, +1 Spirit, +5 Shadow Resistance.

    Anonymous said...

    For anyone wandering onto this blog, it is a good source of information, albeit a bit outdated.

    It's worth noting that the Wand Specialization talent was removed entirely from the priest class in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, although mages can still take it (you shouldn't though!).

    Also, the above comment about the Gravestone Scepter isn't entirely correct. It is not BOE, it is BOP and omitted from this list because it is a quest reward for the quest "Blackfathom Villainy" which requires level 18 to receive, and is given within the Blackfathom Deeps instance. It can easily take you from 18-30ish without needing to switch wands.

    veggiedude said...

    I think I saw a Paladin equipped with a wand. They can't use it as a weapon, only for the stats it gives an it goes in the relic slot.